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Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Adventure #2: The Abominable Ant

Here is my latest short story:

The Abominable Ant by James W.

Jet was walking through the forest in his back yard when he saw a giant glacier that he never noticed before. He saw steep hills and platforms with caves everywhere. He climbed inside the lowest one and saw a big ant that was white and hairy. It was 5 feet tall, just taller than Jet, and was eating a juicy mango.

Jet looked in his notes and didn’t see this monster. He only had an alien in his previous adventure. He then copyrighted the name white abominable ant (mix of yetis and ants).

Now he just had to study it.

First he needed to record what it ate.
He knew it ate mango.

UHH OH! It saw him. Luckily he had a camera which he strapped to his hat. He ran and the ant followed. He said to himself “Expedition Note: don’t get in the white abominable ants way.”

He ran and ran. He wrote: “Is very protective of his home and probably eats humans.”

Then he saw a huge stalactite hanging from the ceiling. Jet didn’t know how to get it to fall on the ant. He had a rock but only one. He threw it and….. MISSED. Jet was really in a pickle. Then he had a brilliant idea. He screamed “IICCEECCRREEAAMM” and the stalactite shook from the vibrations and hit the beast right on the toe.

It said, “What was that for? I just wanted to invite you to tea.”

And so Jet met the entire abominable ant colony and wrote them down as “good hosts” in his books. 


  1. I think that if I saw a giant white ant in a cave, I would be too scared to write anything down in my journal! RUN!!!

  2. sounds like it could be the beginnings of a great app game! Look out Angry Birds here comes Abominable Ant!