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Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Adventure #2: The Abominable Ant

Here is my latest short story:

The Abominable Ant by James W.

Jet was walking through the forest in his back yard when he saw a giant glacier that he never noticed before. He saw steep hills and platforms with caves everywhere. He climbed inside the lowest one and saw a big ant that was white and hairy. It was 5 feet tall, just taller than Jet, and was eating a juicy mango.

Jet looked in his notes and didn’t see this monster. He only had an alien in his previous adventure. He then copyrighted the name white abominable ant (mix of yetis and ants).

Now he just had to study it.

First he needed to record what it ate.
He knew it ate mango.

UHH OH! It saw him. Luckily he had a camera which he strapped to his hat. He ran and the ant followed. He said to himself “Expedition Note: don’t get in the white abominable ants way.”

He ran and ran. He wrote: “Is very protective of his home and probably eats humans.”

Then he saw a huge stalactite hanging from the ceiling. Jet didn’t know how to get it to fall on the ant. He had a rock but only one. He threw it and….. MISSED. Jet was really in a pickle. Then he had a brilliant idea. He screamed “IICCEECCRREEAAMM” and the stalactite shook from the vibrations and hit the beast right on the toe.

It said, “What was that for? I just wanted to invite you to tea.”

And so Jet met the entire abominable ant colony and wrote them down as “good hosts” in his books. 

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Everything I Know About Neptune

This planet, the 8th from the sun, has a greenish-blue color because it’s atmosphere is made of helium and methane gasses.

To travel once around the sun, it takes Neptune about 165 years.
That’s 60,152 days to Earth’s 365 day orbit.

One day on Neptune is 16 hours and 7 minutes long, which is almost 8 hours less than an Earth day, a third shorter. Hey – does that mean school would be shortened to 2 ½ hours if we lived on Neptune?

The average wind speed in Canada is 11 to 13 miles per hour.
The wind on Neptune averages 700 miles per hour.
The most severe hurricanes we have on Earth are only about 150 miles per hour so the winds on Neptune would flatten us all – buildings, trees, everything.
Good for kite flying, not so good for wearing a hat!

Clearly, Neptune cannot sustain life.

Aside from the stinky-fart smell, Neptune would be fun planet to live on – with short school days and munchkin-high helium voices, it would be like living in a big blue party balloon.

Thursday, 7 July 2011

EmpolePhlotion by JD Coi

Thanks to my friend JD Coi for sharing the prologue to his story, EmpolePhlotion.

Empole was an average nine year old boy, living an average boy’s life in the smallish town of Petersburg. It was a regular day in Petersburg. The sun was shining, and squirrels were chasing each other up the trees, but Empole could tell that something wasn’t right.

He was walking to the park where he was going to meet his friend, Nick, when he saw something shining in the grass. When he stepped closer, it looked like a red ball, but it was glowing with a weird light.

He should have been smarter than to bend over and touch it when he didn’t know what it was, but it was too late to think about should-haves. When he picked it up, he felt the rush of a strange power coursing through him. He dropped it suddenly, but when he looked down at his hand, his fingers were gone! Instead, he had three arrows jutting out from his arm—an arm that was no longer that of a scrawny nine-year old, but something…else.

“Cool,” said Empole. It might be fun to pretend to be someone else for the day. Although, he hoped whatever this costume was, would wash off later.

He looked up and saw Nick approaching. His friend screamed, not knowing that the beast in the park was Empole.

Empole raised his arrow hands and said, “Wait, it’s me. Nick, don’t be scared, it’s just me, Empole.”

Nick squinted. “Are you sure?”

“Yes, of course. Can’t you tell?”

“Well, you look a little different, but if you say so. Okay.” Nick walked forward. “What is that red orb on the ground?” He pointed a few feet away.

Empole and Nick examined the orb, but both agreed not to touch it.

“Did you touch it? Is that how this happened to you?” asked Nick.

“Yes,” answered Empole. “But watch.” And Empole closed his eyes. After a minute, he opened them and saw the surprise on Nick’s face. “Did I turn back?”

“You sure did. That’s a cool trick.”

Then the two boys left the ball on the grass in the park and went to Empole’s house to play videogames. When they got home Empole asked Nick, “Do you want to play Pokemon?”

Ding Dong
“Yes” answered Nick.

After they had played a hundred battles, Empole’s mom called, “Time for dinner!”

Empole asked Nick if he wanted to stay for dinner, and of course, Nick thought that was a great idea so he called his mom and ended up planning to stay the whole night. When dinner was finished the two boys watched the movie Clash of the Titans, and then when the movie was over they went to sleep.

Thanks JD. Send some more!

Monday, 4 July 2011

Pants vs zombies

You are a polar bear and evil zombie penguins are coming to attack you. Buy new clothes and shoot down those penguins! Includes: Bra bomb, Tee traps, and Cloth carnage and more. Coming to the app store soon.

Plants vs zombies

This is the best game ever with lots of great features!