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Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Super Powers

Here are some awesome superpowers, which would you like?:

  • Telekinesis (to talk with your mind)
  • Invisibility (to be unseeable)
  • Intangibility (ability to walk through whatever you want)
  • absorbability (ability to absorb anything)
  • animlia (ability to turn into any animal)
  • anti-gravity (change gravity)
  • agility (faster than normal people)
  • animatteration (ability to create anthing with your mind)
  • duplication (self explanitory)
  • elementation (ability to control the elements i.e wind, water, fire and plants)
  • flight
  • fire resistant
  • healer (heals all wounds)
  • moleular combustion (catch on fire without pain)
  • Portal creation
  • radar senses ( know the positions of everything)
  • regeneration (cant die)
  • size changing
  • sub-mariner (can breath underwater)
  • time bender
  • technopath (partially robotic)
  • xray vision
  • laser vision
  • wall crawling
  • web creater(spiderman)
  • Jet (can create anything with your mind, go through walls and control the elemens)

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