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Sunday, 8 May 2011

Adventure 1: Scared Cat Boy

When Jet was young, there was a monster under his bed. He named it 'the evil flying monkey rabid slimy thing'. Nobody believed that it was real. Every night it would eat a block of cheese that Jet left out for it.
When Jet grew up he became a ninja spy. He had a master and an agency. He had a 13 pack and muscles the size of an elephant plopping.

One day, his mission was to storm a castle. He arrived there a night. All he could see were the glowing eyes of the beast that haunted him all those years ago.

They fought for the castle. Jet jumped on it's back, or at least he thought it was a back, until he got swiped at. They both lay on the ground with yummy tummy aches, howling in ticklishness as Kaplots nibbled their toes. The monster got up and a huge army of underground pirates charged toward the monster.

The monster sat on the pirates and poof they all exploded! It turned out they were cyborgs. Then the monster walked into the light...

"It's a cat!" Jet screamed in terror. Jet hated cats. He's more a guppy kind of person. Then the cat morphed into a Blobby Fish.

"Hello, I am alien leader KARNIVORCUS," it said in a deeper than usual voice.

Jet's tummy rumbled. "Ooh, you look tasty." And at that, Jet gobbled him up! For the rest of his life he lived with his dad cause he was fat man!

The End

copyright Jet W, 2011

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